Skin Lightening Lotion For Black People

skin lightening black people

There are multiple skin lightening products that are available today. However, it can be difficult to decide on which one to purchase especially for those with darker to black skin tones. Many skin lighteners are made for people with fair to medium skin, but there are some that have been made for darker skin tones.

There are several skin lightening lotions for black skin that have been made for all skin tones, but it is best to check to see if they have worked for the darker skin tones.

Reviva Labs Skin Lightener Body Lotion is for all skin types. It uses hydroquinone, but says the real trick is how fast the lotion is absorbed into the body.  It is to be applied light and evenly and only in the evenings. Results are typically seen in the first few weeks, but it is important not to get a lot of sun exposure. Most bottles can be purchased for under $15, and only in the United States.

Another brand for all skin types is Snow-White Skin Whitening Lotion. It works without harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone and bleach to get rid of sun and age spots and other discolorations.  As the skin renews, which is around every 25 days, this uses new modern Peptide-technology to go deep into the skin and reduce or completely vanish discoloration.

This skin lightening lotion works by going into the skin and bonding with the tyrosinase enzyme, which helps to produce melanin. It blocks the enzyme from producing melanin which stops the process of over producing melanin. Long-term sun exposure should be avoided while using this product.  It can take up to two months to see noticeable results. As long as the product is used daily and new skin cells are allowed to develop there should be recognizable change, but if it is discontinued original melanin may reappear. It can only be purchased online and a one-ounce bottle is $32.

Skin lightening lotions are rare enough, but people with darker skin can have a more difficult time finding one that really works. The two above have had real results. The Snow-White is healthier than the Reviva lotion because it does not use hydroquinone. However, many people still use products with this ingredient and get great results. Between the two the Snow-White brand has more proven science and works at the skins on pace. While wearing either, sun exposure should be kept to a minimum. Both require sunscreen to be worn, and both should be followed by the directions exact wording to avoid any harmful reactions.

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