Garcinia Cambogia Benefits And Reasons For Its Popularity

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There is always a new diet fad that promises the most incredible weight loss outcomes. In most cases, these fads are unproductive and harmful for the body. This is why more people are turning to all natural supplements to help in their weight loss goals. Garcinia Cambogia is among the most popular weight loss supplements in the market today.

Garcinia Cambogia is native to areas such as Indonesia, India and some parts of Africa and Asia. The locals of these regions have used this extract in several meals for centuries. The extract is gotten from tamarind, a fruit which is approximately the shape and size of a pumpkin. This supplement is commonly used for weight management and improvement of mental and emotional health. Also, the fruit has been used in famous Indian cuisines for centuries.

Garcinina Cambogia Benefits

1. Appetite suppressant – There are quite a number of benefits associated with the consumption of this extract and the most important one, is its ability to suppress an individual’s appetite. Many individuals who are trying so hard to lose weight often suffer from severe food cravings and serious appetite. This supplement is very essential in this case since it reduces the levels of hormone leptin.

Leptin is one among the main hormones that triggers hunger sensations in human beings. Low amounts of this hormone ensure an individual does not get hungry often and also gets full very fast during meal times.

2. Increases metabolic rate hence providing more energy – Metabolism is greatly associated with weight loss, mainly because it helps an individual’s body to burn calories and eliminate fat deposits if the supplement is used properly.

A passive way of life involves very slow metabolism leading to very high amounts of pounds on one’s body. If one takes this supplement appropriately, his or her rate of metabolism will be much quicker, increasing the numbers of calories burnt hence helping an individual lose weight.

3. It Prevents Fat Cells Formation – Research and studies have proven that Garcinia Cambogia hinders fat cells formation in an individual’s body. This implies that  particular person’s body will produce much less fat and burn more calories.

Hydroxycitric acid inhibits the activity of citrate lyase, a compound that is usually involved in the biosynthesis of fatty acid. When HCA is present in the body, instead of changing excess sugar into fat, this energy is used to generate glycogen in muscles and liver. This inhibits fat cell’s formation.

By improving glycogen availability in body muscles, the body will have more energy to help with muscle growth. Thus, HCA encourages the development of lean muscle mass. The more muscles one has, the more the calories they will burn naturally throughout the day, accelerating weight loss process even more.

Moreover, the formation of bad cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced considerably by obstructing the activity of citrate lyase. This helps lower the danger of atherosclerosis.

4. Improves Emotional Health – There are a number of means by which HCA enhances emotional health. First, this compound stimulates serotonin production. The feel good neurotransmitter relieves anxiety, depression and other mood related disorders, which is big news for the emotional eaters who console themselves with food whenever they feel low. When an individual’s mood is enhanced, the tendency to indulge in unhealthy food will be reduced.

Secondly, Garcinia Cambogia HCA lowers the concentration of stress hormone cortisol, which can accumulate over time and cause a number of impacts, including weight increase. High amounts of hormone cortisol encourage the build-up of the visceral fat cells around the belly area.

Excess amounts of cortisol also obstruct the relationship between insulin and blood. This decreases energy availability and encourages the brain to relay food cravings so as to get more energy. By decreasing the concentration of cortisol, a person will have fewer cravings and start losing weight.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe For Use?

garcinia cambogia bottleThe pill form of the supplement contains high concentrations of HCA (hydrotoxic) citric acid, which have been extracted from the rind of the fruit by scientists. It is this HCA that has the fat burning properties, accelerating the body’s ability to burn up fat.

Garcinia Cambogia supplement is a harmless, non-stimulating and effective weight loss and appetite suppressant supplement that has zero artificial ingredients, zero fillers as well as zero binders.

Why is the Supplement so Popular?

Not very long ago, no one had an idea of what this supplement actually is. But now, it seems that it is among the most popular weight loss supplements. Actually, the sales of this product started rising very fast right after the famous Dr. OZ called it “The Holy Grail” in the well-known TV show called Dr. OZ show.

If you are not very familiar with this show, it is one among the most renowned shows that focus on medical issues and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. When this extract was premiered on this shown back in the year 2012, it took just a couple of days for Garcinia Cambogia to be on everybody’s lips.

This extract is also very popular because it actually works. However, your success will depend completely on you getting a genuine brand Garcinia Cambogia.

In a study that was published in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism journal, scientists used Garcinia Cambogia with sixty percent HCA to study its fat reduction effects. In reality, the findings were more attention-grabbing and elaborate, and just like anyone may expect, crowds of people flocked various shops demanding for this supplement.

Another thing that has really contributed to the popularity of Garcinia Cambogia is because it is produced in the USA from an FDA registered laboratory. In conclusion, there are numerous Garcinia Cambogia benefits, and it is very affordable compared to the rest of the weight loss supplements obtainable in the market currently.

The supplement is very natural and free from side effects, but if you are suffering from any chronic illness or are taking any type of regular medication, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor first before taking the supplement.

Also, remember to be very cautious when purchasing a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. Go for one which has a high concentration of HCA – more than fifty percent if possible. The product must be high quality with no extra ingredients.

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