Celebrity Inspired Nail Trends

Nails don’t have to be boring nor do you have to feel compelled to stick to the regular trends of the French manicure, acrylic nails or opting for the safe, solid colored look. Thankfully, today’s hottest celebrities have paved the way for a number of new nail trends for their fans to follow. The next time you’re thinking of a new way to draw attention to your fingernails, all you need to do to get inspired to try something new is to look to the latest red carpet events .

Have you always sported high gloss fingernails? Why not switch it up to a matte look instead? Before you roll your eyes in boredom, take a gander at many of the A-list stars parading down the red carpet – they’ve got the matte nail look going and they make it look anything but boring!

The great thing about this particular trend is that it goes well regardless of what nail color you choose to flaunt. From hot pink, to green, brown, red or black, trading in the gloss for a matte appearance is one of the easiest nail trends to follow these days .Think you need to turn to acrylic to achieve long fingernails? Think again.

More and more celebrities are growing their own nails and showing them off elegantly. However, growing your nails out doesn’t mean they need to be super long and creepy looking. When growing your fingernails out, choose a length that is simple to maintain and won’t interfere with everyday life (typing, getting dressed, etc.). While a French manicure can bring out the best in long nails, the latest trends call for a nude shade, which harmonizes well with a glammed-up outfit .While French manicures continue to be popular, it’s the reverse French manicure that is getting all of the attention.

What many people don’t know is that this nail trend was actually highly popular back in the ‘70s. Now you can enjoy this blast from the past for yourself. While the traditional French manicure calls for pink or nude colored nails with a white line going across the tip, the reverse French manicure allows you to pick any nail color and pairing it with a strip of color across the tip. For example, one common reverse French manicure look consists of having fire-engine red nail color with a black strip going across the tip.

This particular trend is the most flexible so you can mix and match to your heart’s content .Need to glam up your black, Goth nails? Add a funky, sparkly gem stone ring and you’ve got yet another of the latest nail trends being sported by celebrities at various red carpet events. While your black nails don’t have to change, you can switch up your gem stone ring to go with virtually any outfit in your closet. Additionally, you can find a gem stone ring at very affordable prices online as well as at the local shopping mall so you won’t have far to go to complete your style.

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