Perfect Diet Plan For Building Muscle Mass

Building Muscle Mass

“Oh you must go for Atkins diet if you are searching for a perfect diet plan for building muscle  mass”, “Paleo diet, made our ancestors fit as a fiddle, so you should try it too” , “Involve in high intensity workout daily to success faster”, “hey buddy 10 more pushups please”.

There are endless advices which we receive from our well wishers as soon as we embark on the journey of building muscle mass. Building muscle mass cannot be done during a day and it requires immense effort and lot of self control to develop strength.

Individuals who have already undertaken the journey would suggest that building muscle mass becomes quick and easy by following a specifically designed diet that results in fat loss, provides your body with strength and build muscles. You also need to follow a specially tailored exercise plan to further smoothen out your journey.

Much has been talked about the kind of diet which a body builder should eat. Here we are providing you with generic guidelines about a diet which will help you to gain muscle mass. This is not a step-by-step diet plan as calorie requirements vary for the individuals depending upon their existing weight, bone density and muscles on their bodies.

Things to be remembered about your diet when looking to build muscle mass

Right number of calories is a must: When building muscle mass you body would be requiring extra calories. You will be eating much more than what you had been eating normally as your metabolic rate increases during weight training and your body craves for more food.

For example, Michael Philips, 8 Olympics gold winner was consuming more than 11,000 calorie each day, yet he was able to remain lean and muscular. This is because he had a fast metabolism and was burning off these calories in endless hours he was spending in pool.

Another important point to be kept in mind is that most of these calories should be coming from high fibers, proteins and good carbohydrates. You may need more calories but that doesn’t give you the freedom to indulge in fatty processed foods which are laden with empty calories.

You can find number of calories needed to gain muscle mass is multiplying your weight in pound x 20 calories.

Plan recovery meals: As soon as you complete a workout, what you eat is extremely important. This is known as recovery meal as it helps in healing torn muscles. Liquid protein shakes and high carbohydrate meals are recommended as recovery meals.It is also advisable to eat small meals every two hours when you are trying to building muscle mass

Rest Day Meals: Even on the days you are not working out, you need to eat high calorie protein and fiber rich diet. You should avoid eating too much of fat which can cause sugar fluctuation resulting in fat gain and would not help in building lean muscle mass.

Avoid overeating: Other things to be kept in mind while building muscle mass is that you should never eat large meals at night and should eat your last meal at least 3 hours before sleeping so that by the time you hit the bed, the meal is digested.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco when weight training as they increase acid reflux and cause heartburn. Drinking lots of water is also recommended by nutritionists to body builders looking to gain muscle mass.

Keen on building muscle mass? Then eating sensibly is the first step towards success.

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